Individual work

Radina Sundari (shamanic energy healing session)

Shamanic Energy Therapy

emotional clearing

Emotional Clearing is an intuitively guided journey into the emotional layer of your issue or problem, using energy work to clear the emotional body and if needed using regression work into childhood. Once this layer is cleared, your life becomes more easy and joyful and brings along a bigger and more compassionate understanding of your life circumstances.

Shamanic Energy Therapy

Aura Healing and Chakra Balancing

In a loving atmosphere you will be guided into restfulness, relaxation and acceptance. With the help of energy transmission, touch and sound, your chakras and energy bodies will be recharged, energised and balanced.
Radina Sundari (shamanic energy healing session)

Therapy Shock and Trauma

The unconscious represses traumatic experiences from childhood or even from past lives beneath a layer of numbness. This phenomenon is commonly known as shock. Once the experience is repressed, the unconscious mind will continue to create the same or a similar situation again and again in the attempt to heal itself, but will fail as long as the issue is caught in the dark.

Healing Shock and Trauma offers an environment of trust in which you will be guided step by step into the layer of your shock. With loving support and the help of breath work, energy work and regression into childhood or past live, we will rediscover what has been hidden in the dark and what is causing the shock.

Once the experience is brought to consciousness the healing process can take place. Where it was dark, the light comes in, where there was shame, love takes place, where there was pain and confussion, happiness arises.


Reiki Healing

Reiki means universal life energy and is an ancient form of healing. The Reiki-giver functions as a chanel for universal life energy. You receive exactly the energy you need at that moment in time. Reiki stimulates the self-healing powers and harmonises body, spirit and soul.