Certified facilitators

From moment to moment and for more than six years now the dance meditation practice BEYOND LIMITS has experienced its here and now at Rhythm Space. Following the natural course of development this dance has transcended the confines of the studio in which it was born and has begun it’s adventure to meet other places, cities and people.

Spontaneously a group of dancers decided they wished to deepen their dance experience. It is with great pleasure that I share with all of you that following their passion for dance and meditative movement the first group of certified facilitators for the dance meditation BEYOND LIMITS is now a fac

Darina Todorova Stoianova

Дарина Тодорова Стоянова

The moment Darina touches “Beyond limits” experience, she falls in love with it. Precisely, she falls in love with the feeling of lightness, expansion, calmness that fills her after her first dance-meditation practice. She is completely conquered by the magic of the dance without choreography, expectations and blame.

Guided by an inner impulse, Darina graduated from the first training for instructors of Dance meditation “Beyond the limits” and transferred to Varna this experience, where she performs practices with different regularity.

Desislava Tzvetanova Ianeva

Десислава Цветанова Янева
Desislava Ianeva University education- ecologist. Has been initiatedin the first degree of the Universal system of natural healing, by Hagop Ervantyan reiki master. Practicing Ashtanga yoga system. Love the free one dance and she is authorized lead of “Dance meditation practice beyond limits” by Radina D. Sundari. Looking for balance in life.

Daniel Nikolov Denev

Даниел Денев

When he was six-year-old his mom put him in the Desport classes. 15 years in competitions, and in his early 20s he is first in the Bulgarian ranking and part of the Bulgarian dance sport team. He was invited to be one of the professional dancers in dancing with the stars in Vietnam when he realized that to dance means to be free and dance sport is just a step going there. Being in the Beyond Limits family, provokes his artistry, and makes him become the dance.

Stiliyana Evtimova Krasteva

Стилияна Кръстева – Стела

Stiliyana Krasteva – Stella is one of the certified leaders in dance meditation “Beyond Limits”.

She is an actress. She graduated from the New Bulgarian University, Sofia in 2005.

She has big experience in different theatrical performances, physical and dance trainings – Japanese butoh dance, suzuki method, contact improvisation, authentic movements and many more.

She has 12 years experience in Sensory Theatre Labyrinth and more than 15 projects in Bulgaria and abroad.

Anna Evgenieva Grozdanova

Анна Грозданова

Anna Grozdanova has been a manager and a co – owner, successfully running some of the most popular bars and restaurants in Sofia and the Black Sea coast for almost 20 years. Working with people has always been a pleasure, and also a challenge for her She takes pride in finding a solution that works for everyone, no matter how different the approach may be. In 2010, after visiting a series of personal development seminars, my life took a totally different direction, and I am currently living in Bali to follow my dream. As a soul traveler, I love the adventure of the unknown, as I explore new environments and my inner space through yoga, family constellations, art therapy, dance meditation and dynamic Osho meditations. I particularly enjoy taking myself out of my own comfort zone, where I believe real growth happens.

Anna Nikolaeva Sidova

Анна Сидова

Anna Sidova is a certified facilitator in Dance meditation “Beyond Limits”. She is an artist with years of experience in the Ballroom dancing. She took part in four formats of “Dancing with the stars”, Vietnam as a partner and choreographer of Vietnamese celebrities. She graduated in National Academy of Arts in 2016, studying Fashion and MA Art therapy. Her areas of interests cover all the fields of art including dancing, performing, drawing, singing and everything that opens up the creativity.

Stella Stancheva Atanasova

Стела Атанасова

I am Stella. I’ve gtraduated Economics. I’m a dreamer at heart. Searching, fulfiling, bold, I’m looking for the harmony inside and in the world. I love the beautiful, the humane, the deep, the true. To me dance is a journey inwards, different every time, touching and mystical.

Maya Krumova Raykova

My name is Ma Shanti Maya and it seems to say all about me. Because I’m familiar with tranquility, with the peace inside, but I’m also ready to jump head first into this wonderful mess called life. I don’t see this as a contradiction, on the contrary, I see it as a constant flow in which shadow and light, stream and lake, fire and water, Sun and Moon exist together in the eternal dance BEYOND LIMITS! That’s why I’m here among all those people who want to dance this way and wish to give away to others so that we can all jump even higher…

Kalina Nikolova Raleva

I’ve graduated information technology economics and then radically changed the genre and started studying “Artistic Psychosocial Practices” at NBU, Sofia. I’m attracted to yoga, mediation, mystics, Sufi philosophy, being present in the current moment, living consciously and socializing.

In the past decade I’ve worked with children of all ages and from them I learned a lot about being present in the current moment. For the last 3 years I’m a mother to a fantastic boy and this journey has allowed me to connect to my inner child and inner parents in away I never suspected was possible. This has also brought a new dimension to the way I conceive the world.

I’ve always danced. Informally.

Movement is my Life and my Health and my Development. When I got acquainted with the dance mediation practice BEYOND LIMITS I knew this was exactly the way I wanted to dance: in the movement and in the stillness, in the music and in the silence. And the journey goes on…

Recently I’ve been educating myself in the discipline of Authentic movement.

Rumyana Petjova Pankova

Kamelia Tomova Semerdzhieva