Radina (Dhyan Sundari): She is always at the right place in the right moment, she never stops changing and searching. She is the founder of Rhythm Space – the urban meditation space. She is also the creator of Beyond Limits – a practice which allows you to meet your own self through the healing power of dance and movement. Radina has graduated Sofia University “St. Climent Ohridsky” specializing in pedagogy. She has dedicated her life to dance. Among her professional accomplishments are top prizes at national, European and world dance competitions. She’s a coach and choreographer. She also has an extensive experience in advertising and inspiration marketing. Her path in the search and awakening of the mind is focused onto meditation and bodily-meditation practices, clearing of the mind and the ancient shamanic practices for the healing of body and soul through movement, dance and sound. She is trained and certified in the following methods: Regression, Shamanic energy healing, Aura healing. She is a Master in the Usui Reiki system of natural healing. She has been initiated in Seikim and Izis Seikim. One of her favourite techniques which keep rewarding her with wonderful experiences are Osho’s dynamic meditations. She coaches at meditation and dance-therapeutical workshops and seminars. A dancer at heart she loves to travel, loves to return to India, loves the freedom of traveling alone and the excitement of meeting people along the road. Currently she has embarked on an inner journey.