Beyond Limits

Dance meditation

Quite often our desire for security and our insecurity towards our own future cause us a lot of distress. Clinging to what we possess and fear of what’s to come prevent us from partaking in the abundance flow of the Universe, blocks our vital energy and brings about stagnation. But what if we let ourselves go in a dance with the Unknown instead of trying to escape from it?

You don’t know the future? You are exactly where you are supposed to be. There will be no security here, at least not in the sense you usually think of it (steps, choreography, partner). But you will feel free, because there will be nothing and no one to cling to – you just let go, fly away, dance whatever you are NOW and your experience expands. And suddenly the Unknown is more open, more peaceful and more liberating than anything you’ve imagined. One step ahead, a free movement with no fear… let go in the energy flow… give your body love and trust because it knows…

BEYOND LIMITS is a dance meditation practice which balances the emotions and connects the participants deeply to their body through movement, breathing and the techniques of the free dance – no choreography, no steps to learn, no matter how old you are, what sex and whether you have any previous experience in dance.

BEYOND LIMITS is all about dancing whatever you are today, dancing your own current moment, expressing yourself through your own dance interpretations and steps, letting go of the old and useless models of behaviour, which entangle you.

BEYOND LIMITS is where we see and accept our many faces, overcome our various acts and conditions, harmonize our inner life, explore and travel beyond our personal boundaries, expand our mind.

BEYOND LIMITS is a meditation which is also a dance. It releases the sacred spiritual space in you to allow for artistic expression and realization of your personal mission. It balances the male and the female core, cleans the energy clogs caused by stress, insecurity and troubles and improves the physical agility.

BEYOND LIMITS is a dynamic mediation which comes to remind us that in this life lack of mobility is fatal. This practice helps us to be complete in the present moment with no fear of the future and without losing ourselves in the past.

BEYOND LIMITS helps us discover our own individual tempo and the true steps which will make our life journey exciting, full of curiosity and joy.

Expand yourself and let your body and soul move as one! Because the only limits existing are the ones which we impose onto ourselves.

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